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About Amardeep Steel Plant

Amardeep Steel Plant, visit now situated near Pilania, West Bengal, is one of the most important steel producers in the country. Since 1984 this plant has manufactured all kinds of equipment and products used in the industrial sector. Some of these products have become crucial for everyday life in India and have even reached international standards. This plant understands the significance of using quality and durable industrial raw materials and processes them with care so that there are no consequences later.

amardeep steel

The Amandeep Steel Plant produces all kinds of products. They are used for construction related works like road building, bridges, electricity poles, buildings and industrial raw materials. These days, due to the tough competition in the market, almost every other company is making use of advanced process equipments to bring out new innovations in their processes and production. However, Amradeep Steel is different as it believes in using original industrial raw materials to manufacture its products. These innovative process equipment can also be modified to meet the production demands of the customers.

The amardeep steel centre supplies to all leading industries across the country. They are good at producing quality steel products that are both durable and cost effective. It has four segments – pre-pitch, heat treating, die making and fitting. They can provide all kinds of products right from bolts and screws to sheets and plates. These days, due to intense competition in the market, almost every other company is also manufacturing these kinds of product.

Pre-Pitch: The Pre-Pitch machinery uses the latest computer aided processing machineries to produce high quality steel products. They use high-technology ceramic powders and additives along with the high speed electric machines to produce the metal sheets. This enables them to manufacture products that are extremely tough and durable. They have various processing stages such as heat treatment, die making and fitting etc. Therefore they are very useful in manufacturing components and parts for all leading industries across the country.

Heat Treating: Heat Treating is a complex process where various metal particles are bonded together by heating them to a specific temperature. Due to this bonding, the metal gets stronger than it would have been. Amardeep Steel Plant uses various heat treating techniques to improve the strength of the steel. Some of the techniques they adopt include abrasive heat treating, thermolysis and laser cure. Some of the important products manufactured by Amardeep Steel Plant are bolts, tubes, pipe fittings, tubes and sheet products.

Die Making: Another important process in Amandeep Steel Plant is the Die Making. The die is used to manufacture numerous products such as valves, pumps, gears etc. Steel sheets are also manufactured with the help of this process. Different types of metals are used to make the dies such as steel, aluminum, magnesium, stainless steel, iron etc. High quality of the raw material used in Amandeep Steel Plant is also very important and can have a significant impact on the overall quality of the finished product.

Casting: During the casting process, a solid alloy of low carbon alloys is made into the shape of the casting. This is followed by the alloy being hammer heated to get its malleability and then the mold is pulled out after it is cooled down. After that, the mold is pulled out and a new mold is made to create the final product. All the high quality steel products produced by Amandeep Steel Plant are meticulously checked for flaws before being packed.

Amardeep Steel Plant is not only a leading manufacturer of steel but also offers welding services worldwide. With the latest innovations in metallurgy, this company can also meet the growing requirements of their customers. For more information on Amandeep Steel Plant, their products and services please visit the website below. We hope you have a good experience!